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December 7, 2017
Sometimes being a writer takes you on tours and conventions to far away exotic locations and you can use the opportunity to explore new cultures, places, and peoples. This has never happened to me.
However, I did spend a night in a hotel in Birmingham last month. This hotel left a lasting impression on me and I was so moved I wrote a review on it, which I thought I would share - 
The outside of the hotel is beautiful and Victorian.
Unfortunately, the inside was decorated more like a hostel which was a great shame. The hotel had no central heating or double glazing and you can really experience the Victorian cold. I went to bed in two jumpers and spread my coat over the duvet and was still cold. There is a tiny wall heater which feels warm if you stand directly in front of it.
The ensuite is a tiny capsule bathroom - it didn't have mould and appeared clean but I couldn't shower it was just too damn cold. The bed had stains but I didn't bother complaining as when I checked in, there was a furious woman at reception complaining that her room was filthy. Therefore, I assumed that having just a few stains was actually quite lucky.
The upper rooms were tightly packed reached by long, narrow corridors. The fire doors were thin and ancient - which was slightly worrying. The whole upstairs reminded me of a prison landing circa 1970's. The type you see in old reruns of 'Porridge'.
The scariest thing about this hotel was the parking in an abandoned old warehouse - which was dark and empty except for fast food wrappers and strangely bulging plastic bags.
It was the type of place even the local crack dealers avoided.
On a positive note, the staff were relatively friendly, unless you complained.
The barman was good, smiled, and wiped down his bar with care.

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