Poetry by P.J. Reed  

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Poetry Awards

2018 - P.J. won the Forward Poetry, 'Circle of Life' poetry competition for her poem 'The Empty Chair'.

Anthologised Poetry - 2018

A Syrian Senryu Sequence, Voices Along The Road, Charity Publication
haiku, Poetic Forms, Forward Poetry
The Empty Chair, Circle of Life, Forward Poetry
haiku, A Whisper of Words, Forward Poetry

Anthologised Poetry - 2017

Haiku, TigerShark Journal
White Elephant, #SideShow, Five to One Magazine
Haiku, Along The Shore, Lost Tower Publications
Ghost Girl, Between These Shores Literary & Arts Annual
Moon haiku sequence, Moon, Atlantean Publishing
Triple Bagging, The Heart of a Devil, Fantasia Divinity Magazine
Just Flotsam & A Scorpion's Kiss. Horizon's #5, The British Fantasy Journal
The Time Traveller, Horizon's #6, The British Fantasy Journal
Senryu Sequence re Syria, Beyond The Hill, Lost Tower Publications
Night haiku sequence, Subliminal Messages, Azoth Zhem Publishing,

Anthologised Poetry - 2016

Falling stars’, cattails (January Issue) 
Drowning. Not Waving', The Hourglass Magazine 
Drowning. Not Waving’, The Wider View Anthology
Turn/ Love Gazing/ A Desert Rose’, Mythical Poetry 
Voodoo’, Route of All Evil
Drowning. Not Waving’, Degenerate Literature 
Miranda’s Grace’  Elite Critique Magazine (June Issue)
Moon haiku sequence’/ ‘Girl Unmade’ Longsword 
Fhaiku sequence’/ ‘World in a Suitcase’, Indiana Voice Journal (July 216)
Senryu sequence, The Borfski Press
The Disappointments of Sammy, The Best Pet Poems of 2016 
Haiku sequence, Whirlwind Volume 8
The Disappointments of Sammy, Purrfect Pets, Lost Tower Publications
‘Til Death Unparted, A Lovely Darkness 
Left leaves cry and cling,  Haiku Journal (46) 
Primrose Close, Yellow Chair Review 
Winter haiku sequence, The Magic of the Seasons, Marfa House Press

Anthologised Poetry - 2015

The Great Wall,  haiku- Japan, The Rising and haiku- Taiwan,  Journeys Along the Silk Road, Lost Tower Publications
The Mystic Isle, The Sea
Just Flotsam,  Five 2 One  (Ninth issue)
I Awake and Choose To Live, Treasury of Poetry 
Medusa, Greek Fire, Lost Tower Publications
I Awake And Choose To Live, Ripples In Verse 
I Awake And Choose To Live,  Shortlisted for the National Poetry Anthology Award
The Soldier’s Letter,  Great War volume II 
The Disappointments of Sammy, And the Tail Wagged On…, Lost Tower Publications
Elleswyth the Warrior, co-written with Nick Armbrister
Flidais, Garland of the Goddess
Voodoo, Karma Issue- Ealain Magazine
What is misery, The Haiku Journal (Issue 40)

Anthologised  Poetry - 2014

Using Your Senses, Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror: Speculative Genre Exercises from Today’s Best Writers and Teachers
I Awake And  Choose To Live and The Choice of Trees, The Bridge of Fates, Lost Tower Publications 
The Living Mountain and  The Savage Mountain, Eastern Voices, Lost Tower Publications
Scoring Highly on the Psychopathy Scale, Purrfect Poetry, Lost Tower Publications

Anthologised  Poetry - 2013

Primrose Close, Into the Shadows
Between the Lines, The Poetry Rivals Collection
The Rising / Floating on the Wind, Hope Springs A Turtle, Lost Tower Publications 
Fizz Watching, Dog Days, Lost Tower Publications
A Desert Rose and Stolen Glances, The Gift of a Rose, Lost Tower Publications
A Desert Rose, Scorpion’s Kiss and  Bistro Memories, The Black Rose of Winter, Lost Tower Publications

Anthologised Poetry - 2012

Dream Girl,  A Clock Strikes Thirteen
The Storm, Big Art Book Digital Anthology
Lady In Black,  It’s A Colourful Life
The Chase, Animal Antics
Hypochondria,  Fear Itself
Voodoo,  Virtue or Vice
Lady In Black/ Ghost Girl/ Voodoo Doll/ Prayers/ The Statue/ The Black Dog,  Poems From the Witching Hour, Lost Tower Publications

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