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Review by Daniel J. Robertson

The Haiku style of poetry within this volume is truly mesmerising. I opened the first page not knowing what to expect and my experience of reading this collection can only be described as bringing an alien in from the cold. The collection has personally inspired me to explore this sub genre of poetry.

Although the poems are short as the Haiku style usually is P.J. Reed ignites the imagination with the rich visual imagery contained within her verse and the way in which the words knock together creating sparks.

A Recommended Read!

Review by Hannah Wilkins

This book consists of a beautiful collection of poems. It is a relaxing read which takes you on a journey; the Seasons section is my favourite. Haiku Nation is beautifully illustrated and written and I thoroughly recommend it.

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P.J. Reed
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Haiku Nation is a collection of poetic images exploring life in Devon. A special moment, witnessed and frozen in time through haiku verse. 

'The poems in Haiku Nation offer an intoxicating insight into the ethereal world of haiku. The collection is divided into sections comprising: the Seasons, Mountains, Wanderings and Waterfalling. 
The Seasons comprise of a sensitive exploration of the changes of nature throughout the year. This series of poems reflect a deep investigation into the ways of nature and her poetry makes you look at nature with an altered perspective. The haiku ‘see the warm rain drops’ is a dramatic, sensitive reinterpretation of a seemingly normal occurrence. While the poem, ‘gunnera ripples’ offers a beautiful image of the poet caught in a spring shower while walking. 
The poet uses the concept of the seasons as a metaphor for the progress of people’s life gently moving from the genteel progress of autumnal existence in ‘elderly couples’ to the fatality of winter and ‘little grey cloud cries’. This concept is handled with great delicacy and beauty is found in all stages of life’s journey. 
The Wanderings section reflects this poet’s love of travel with poems written from her visits to Kefalonia, Crete and the Far East. The solitude of the poetic existence is also remarked upon in several haiku such as ‘alone sea watching’ when a beautiful moment is captured forever in words.' Review by Nick Armbrister 

'Colourful pictures painted in words...exquisite...' Peter, Devon


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Haiku Nation

78 pages

Lost Tower Publications

October 2015


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HAIKU NATION REVIEW by Nick Armbrister
Simple, magical, real, imaginative, understandable. Also brilliant and seen through the same eyes which the reader jointly shares. P.J. Reed's anthology, Haiku Nation, is a book of haiku poems. One of the simplest forms of poetry but hardest styles to write.
The work here covers nature, emotions and people. There are many memorable pieces in this volume's six themes (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Wanderings and Waterfalling). One example is the piece on page 41 in the Winter section, it is overly powerful and dark. It reads:
drowning with sorrow
my tears would fill an ocean
body why so frail
My first impressions are that the author, P.J., has been hurt immeasurably deeply by a love affair gone wrong. Placed in Winter, did it happen in winter, when the land is desolate and the cold can kill you? Or is the poem about someone or something else? For example, a severe illness?
There are poems that balance this out. For example this joyous piece from the Waterfalling theme:
orange sunset paints
over sleeping blue waters
sun moon lake, nantou
This brings to mind a wonderful time spent at the Sun Moon Lake (in Taiwan). Simple but beautiful imagery straight from the heart. Almost a love poem, for a natural place and time enjoyed.
My favourite poem is on page 23, in the Summer part. Being alone and almost in a dark mood is banished by a gift from the moon. Is this unconditional love and a love poem?:
I am loneliness
the kind moon watches
and sends me a shadow friend
The water colour art too adds to the character of the book. Many poetry collections are visually boring, being a mere 'book of words'; Haiku Nation is way more than just words.
Highly recommended for haiku poetry lovers and for readers in general. A very enjoyable and warm book. Even the dark pieces of work trigger strong emotions. A follow up volume would be most welcome. Spread the word, P.J. Reed is the haiku poet to read. A contemporary of Vannessa Daou.