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Review by Daniel J. Robertson

The Haiku style of poetry within this volume is truly mesmerising. I opened the first page not knowing what to expect and my experience of reading this collection can only be described as bringing an alien in from the cold. The collection has personally inspired me to explore this sub genre of poetry.

Although the poems are short as the Haiku style usually is P.J. Reed ignites the imagination with the rich visual imagery contained within her verse and the way in which the words knock together creating sparks.

A Recommended Read!

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P.J. Reed
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'Frozen Haiku is a thought-provoking collection of imaginative, visually stunning haiku from the contemporary English poet P.J. Reed.'

Frozen Haiku is a thought-provoking collection of imaginative, visually stunning haiku from the contemporary English poet P.J. Reed. This collection explores the magical transformations, discoveries, and interactions with nature as winter tightens her grip over the sleeping landscape.

The world in winter is an enchanted place. P.J. Reed has studied the changes of winter and its effects on the countryside, wildlife, and people. This study has resulted in a breathtaking series of moments of beauty and savagery captured forever in her fresh, crisp verse, ‘a glance of sunshine’ is a fascinating example of a beautiful image captured and shared.

As well as a season of transformations, P.J. Reed feels winter to be a time of loneliness as people and animals shelter from the cold and a wintry quietness settles over the frozen countryside. The emptiness and loneliness of winter are found in her reflective, emotive haiku such as ‘I walk on cloud tops’ and ‘night time once more’. The concise, contemporary freshness of P.J.’s verse is well suited to the beauty of traditional haiku.

This is the second book in her haiku collection.

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FROZen Haiku 

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Lost Tower Publications

February 2016


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Frozen Haiku review by Sapphire

Frozen Haiku is a compelling collection of traditional haiku poems, as beautiful as the cover is. I really liked the other book by the same author "Haiku Nation" - fantastic haiku poems just like this book. Check both out! Well worth the read. *****