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FLICKER by P.J. Reed


Flicker is a combination of haiku and senryu, combined and updated for the modern audience. 

In this collection, P.J. Reed has brought together a series of poetic postcards entwining the ever-changing nature of the Devon countryside with the lives of the people she has met in her travels throughout the county, creating a fascinating representation of humanity and nature.

This collection is beautifully illustrated with colour paintings.

An idea gift for poetry lovers everywhere.

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Haiku Yellow by P.J. Reed

Haiku Yellow is a breathtaking collection of stunning images captured and written in haiku verse from the contemporary English poet P.J. Reed. This collection explores the excitement and drama as the yellow of springtime bursts through the bleakness of winter throughout the Devon countryside. The world in springtime is a joyful place full of possibilities and hope. P.J. Reed has looked into the beauty of a world reborn and clothed in yellow springtime glory. This study has resulted in a series of outstanding word pictures, thoughts and emotions written in haiku by P.J. Reed.  

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Frozen Haiku by P.J. Reed

Frozen Haiku is a thought-provoking collection of imaginative, visually stunning haiku from the contemporary English poet P.J. Reed. This collection explores the magical transformations, discoveries, and interactions with nature as winter tightens her grip over the sleeping landscape. The world in winter is an enchanted place. P.J. Reed has studied the changes of winter and its effects on the countryside, wildlife, and people.  P.J. Reed feels winter to be a time of loneliness as people and animals shelter from the cold and a wintry quietness settles over the frozen countryside. The emptiness and loneliness of winter are found in her reflective, emotive haiku such as ‘I walk on cloud tops’ and ‘night time once more’. 

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Haiku Nation by P.J. Reed

Haiku Nation by P.J. Reed is a breathtaking collection of powerful modern haiku which challenges the reader to seek out and see the world afresh.

The poems in Haiku Nation offer an intoxicating insight into the ethereal world of haiku. The collection is divided into sections comprising: the Seasons, Mountains, Wanderings and Waterfalling. The Seasons reflect a deep investigation into the ways of nature and her poetry makes you look at nature with an altered perspective. The haiku ‘see the warm raindrops’ is a dramatic, sensitive reinterpretation of a seemingly normal occurrence. While the poem, ‘gunnera ripples’ offers a beautiful image of the poet caught in a spring shower while walking. 

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