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Haiku Yellow


Haiku Yellow  is the beauty, majesty and mystery of spring captured in haiku.'   

This collection explores the excitement and drama as the yellow of springtime bursts through the bleakness of winter throughout the Devon countryside in a series of dramatic moments captured forever in her fresh, crisp verse.

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Welcome to the writing of P.J. Reed


P.J. Reed is a writer and poet from Devon, England. She holds a BAEd from Canterbury Christ Church University,  an MA from Bradford University and has dabbled in psychology with the OU. She is an outrageously eclectic writer. She writes of darkness and light. To access her dark poetry and writing visit her dark website site at  Deliciously Wicked Poetry

On this site, P.J. writes of the beauty and ethereal nature of the changing countryside in her series of haiku inspired collections, photographs, and poetry.

Her work has appeared in a wide variety of online and print magazines, books, collections and podcasts. In 2015 she was shortlisted for the National Poetry Anthology award.

Her high fantasy novel The Torcian Chronicles will be published in 2017.

Poetry Books by P.J. Reed

The Saturday Sizzler Blog

Superhero Name Is Born!

Well, I had a slight poetry crisis last night. A couple of weeks ago I did a joint poetry night. To be honest I felt like running and hiding underneath a bookshelf half way through the talk because where as the poet I was paired with just regaled the audience with her poetry... I went into the history and structure of formal haiku and the differences between senryu/ haiku and the importance of poetry in education I decided not to discuss the history of poetry itself as the audience were actually staring at me. While the other poet was just reading her poetry. However, I had not in fact bored the audience into an early grave - they were listening to me, something I didn't realise till later when I sold quite a few poetry books both there and at my next event were people came looking for my work, which was a huge shock.

The shock was further sparked at a talk I went to last night, when I was sitting quietly listening to a Jenny Kane talk on Cornish inspired books. A lovely woman came up to me and asked if I was the poetry woman as her daughter loved the books she bought at my talk. Other authors would have said thank you - I however, was so surprised  that she remembered me that I just muttered 'I don't know' followed by awkward silence 

Note to self my superhero name is now 'Poetry Lady!'


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Haiku Nation by P.J. Reed

The poems in Haiku Nation offer an intoxicating insight into the ethereal world of haiku. The collection is divided into sections comprising: the Seasons, Mountains, Wanderings and Waterfalling.


a lone daffodil
waiting by a muddied lane
first touches of spring
poor yellow flower
stands tall in her concrete crack
is this poverty
I am loneliness
the kind moon watches
and sends me a shadow friend 
to mourn or rejoice
the sadness of pink flowers
lost to jewels of fruit

Frozen Haiku by P.J. Reed

Frozen Haiku is a thought-provoking collection of imaginative, visually stunning haiku from the contemporary English poet P.J. Reed. This collection explores the magical transformations, discoveries, and interactions with nature as winter tightens her grip over the sleeping landscape.

The world in winter is an enchanted place. P.J. Reed has studied the changes of winter and its effects on the countryside, wildlife, and people.

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To Catch a Husband

I know I should be 
I saw it on TV
read it in my books
modern books of
empowered princesses
fighting dragons and
saving kingdoms
while hunting husbands
with harpoons sharpened
but hunting is cruel
let them run barefoot
through concrete flowers
wild-haired and fancy-free.

by P.J. Reed